Success Stories

A good Coach is better because of the students. Over the years I got the lucky chance to train many inspired individuals. I believe, together we have created a fitness revolution in the Indian Climbing and Fitness world. Here is what my students have to say about me,

Saumya Joshi

10 years old, Training period: December 2018 to present

Achievements: Youngest to Climb Finger Loop, 6c+ route in December 2019. Won Gold medals in her age category at various Climbing Competitions.

Deepak Sir is very good at coaching and dedicated. He has a nice skill to handle kids. His training helped her gain finger strength for using crimps, which worked well for Finger Loop route.

Feedback from her Dad, Onkar Joshi

Instagram: @saumyajoshi2

Girija Dhananjay Landge

9 years old, Training period: 16 Feb 2020 to present

Girija is a Malakham and Kho Kho player, extremely fit and excited about her training. She is also an active trekker, trekking with her Dad. She is the newest student who showed a lot of improvement in one month.

Deepak Sir’s coaching is very good, native and playful. Very satisfied with his coaching skills. She has now good climbing skills, stamina and knows movements of efficient climbing.

Feedback from her Dad, Dhananjay Landge

Facebook profile: Dhananjay Landge

Sohha Diwan

13 years, Training period: December 2018 to September 2019

Achievements: Won medals at National Speed Climbing competitions that made her eligible for Asian Games 2019. She was part of the Asian Youth Training Camp held in October 2019.

The training was very intense which helped my performance a lot when I started training with Deepak Sir. My speed timing improved from 18 secs to 15 secs. I bagged 2 bronze medals in the Nationals in 2019. I was motivated for every training session. My Lead technique improved a lot.

Feedback from Sohha Diwan

Instagram: Sohha Diwan

Arnav Khanzode

9 years old, Training period: 20th January 2019 to 30th September 2019

Achievements: Won Medals in the Sub-Junior category in Nationals. He was part of Asian Youth Training Camp in 2019

The training was excellent and innovative. Arnav’s Speed Climbing improved, he learnt dynamic moves for the reachy Speed route. His climbing grade has also improved.

Feedback from his Parents

Instagram: Arnav Khanzode

Mathew Marak

13 years, Training period: 2019 to 2020

Achievements: He was selected for the Asian Youth Training Camp for Asian Games 2019.

The training was really useful. My endurance improved a lot. Deepak Sir has a lot of knowledge which he would share with me. His knowledge, especially for Route observation, has helped me.

Feedback from Mathew Marak

Instagram: Mathew Marak

Smita Gokhale

14 years old, Training period: June 2017 to December 2019

Achievements: Number One National Climbing Rank in 2018 and 2019. She was on the top during this time and Won many Gold medals at Lead and Bouldering National Competitions. Read more about her Training with me.

Deepak Pawar was able to give very good coaching in physical training and sports climbing to our daughter Smita Gokhale. Smita improved her fitness and climbing skills with this training and won many national medals during this time.

Feedback from her Mother, Vibha Gokhale

Instagram: Smita Gokhale

Sachin Saroj

13 years, Training period: 1st October to 31st October 2019 (Asian Youth Training Camp)

Sir is a great coach and also a great Route Setter. He trains on whole body muscles which help in technical climbing. He has an excellent method of working with athletes, motivating them. He himself being great at dynos and coordination moves, he helped me improve them.

If you train me in future, I always ready!

Feedback from Sachin

Instagram: Sachin Saroj

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