My name is Deepak Pawar and I am not just a climber. I am also a route setter, climbing coach, and a boulder explorer. Being a Karate and Kickboxing athlete in school days, I boastfully won several Gold and Silver medals for India in International Karate championships.

Read about my journey from Karate to Climbing

Around 8 years ago, I was introduced to climbing. I was so thrilled by this new sport that I started serious climbing. It is the discipline and physical strength of Martial Arts that made the initial climbing easy for me. Since then I have only grown as a professional climber, developing my skills through self-mentoring. I climbed 7b+ routes and on my way towards sending 8a+ routes.

I love sharing my knowledge hence, I am working as a sports climbing coach and fitness trainer. In order to promote this less popular sport in India, I have been exploring hidden places in India for climbing sites. I aspire to be an International Route setter in near future.

More than a climber, I am an athlete first. I love climbing, I want nothing in life but keep climbing.

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Let’s all climb together!